rich story can be said to be all kinds of entrepreneurs in the field, and with a little lighter but also break the exclusive wealth of the world’s story as living there, new venture to bring no small shock.

single from the performance perspective, Zhejiang tiger lighter Co. Ltd is not very prominent: Wenzhou existing 600 ~ 700 lighter factory, annual export 500 million lighters, sales of 3 billion to 4 billion yuan. And Zhou Dahu’s annual output of about 15 million lighter, worth about $200 million. So, although Zhou Dahu’s company is one of the highest in Wenzhou lighter manufacturers, but did not stand head and shoulders above others.

character destiny, victory is his portrayal of the character

second days, Wenzhou’s average of less than two minutes a game to tackle his opponent stunned. Wenzhou’s victory, and all the players besmeared with blood. Half a month down, Wenzhou won. " on the pitch; only is the contention that only won the crown is " the personality used their own career, Zhou Dahu set ourselves the goal is " never admit defeat. "

" in fact, do OEM production is more trouble than their own production. Hirota’s requirements are very high, if there is no Yi Jian