shop location has been plagued by a problem, indeed, before the shop location is the most difficult to shop, shop location if reasonable, the store’s business will be better. Location is very important to manage a good shop, can not be ignored. So how can we choose their own shop, there are no tricks and rule? Xiao Bian recommend a very practical shop location skills.

1, shop location downtown and Commercial Street

where population density is the biggest, the consumption level, is the most ideal place! However, the location of the rent is often very expensive, high upfront investment, financial pressure, which is the main reason for many friends discouraged. However, the high rent shop usually can bring huge benefits. You can look at KFC and McDonald’s, it is always the most prosperous place in the region, which is an important reason for it to open a successful family (their failure rate is 2%)!

2, shop location campus

3, shop location Industrial Zone

4, shop location community (residential area)

is almost fixed consumer groups, consumption is relatively stable, the market potential is very large, the risk is small, can repeat business.

5, shop location Township block

Whether you want to open


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