now the people’s living conditions better, for life in all aspects of the demand is higher, with the improvement of living standards, food imports are popular, more and more investors to open up imported food store. But if you want to own the store business is hot, not only to have a good product, but also to have a good method of operation, so as to make it easy for you to open a shop, easy to get rich. So, for the novice, how to operate in order to successfully open an imported food store?

first, pay attention to the taste of snacks. Usually to communicate with customers, to understand the tastes of local consumers, continue to adjust; snack shop profit? Purchase from the taste of more effort, the goods do not lie in more than the essence, to be as far as possible to introduce some new products with market potential, to respond to changes in consumer demand for new psychological and consumer demand changes.

second, store location is very important. In order to ensure that the source, the store to choose in the flow of people, young people are relatively more locations, such as the downtown business district, the surrounding schools, large traffic near the cinema is a good choice.

third, consumers now pay great attention to food hygiene, so the store must be clean, clean, candy, dried fruit to use transparent packaging simple, make the guest clearly see the real appearance of food, including its freshness and color etc..

fourth, the goods are placed in particular. High priced food can be placed on the top shelf, this type of food for the attention of the brand of white-collar workers, you are not much more expensive; snack shop profit? Mid-range price placed in the middle of the shelf, convenient for ordinary consumers to buy; in the bottom shelf, you can put the children like to eat candy, such as candy, candy, etc..

fifth, food packaging should have its own style, while taking into account the preferences of different consumer groups. Exquisite packaging can increase the added value of food, so that food is more value for money, so as to attract more people with a certain spending power. Now a lot of young white-collar workers are directed at the exquisite packaging, even if they spend more money they will not care.

finally, know how to use the holiday to expand market share. Although the consumption of snacks, regardless of the season, but the peak of the sale is still relatively concentrated, such as the Spring Festival, may day, national day, as well as the usual weekend is the season of sales. Chocolate and other candy is more obvious seasonal, summer sales are low, and a cool season, sales will rise quickly. Around the year, the sales of chocolate and candy will be doubled.

if you think this industry has a great prospect to dig it, hope that we can in the business a little more attention, if you can master the five management skills, can help you better shop, let you easily many millions recommended