culture as the soul of a nation, each region has its own unique culture, and actively inherit the excellent culture, for the development of their own economic strength is also very helpful. So, how to promote cultural Huimin Zigong? First, infrastructure construction. To speed up the city museum main decoration demonstration, promote the city cultural arts center two projects (Grand Theater project) the completion of the investment, to start the Wei Minglun Theater Museum Design and decoration design, built in Fushun Sports Center, promote the cultural construction of dam.

cultural industry development. Complete the beach community, Yantan Daan District Niu fo Zhen Temple community traditional village Wuniu excellent local building comprehensive conservation and utilization project in Xian Shi Zhen Xian; the comprehensive demonstration recommended Hu Zhong’s start, private estates, Fuyuan Hao houses and other fine cultural relics in Zigong world geological park construction; expanding the park as an opportunity cost to build the stalagmite ditch, Le Dehong land, leaves town and other new attractions; promote Chinese Lantern Village cultural and creative industrial park project, completed an investment of about 20000000.

mass cultural activities. To carry out the culture of Zigong scholarly salt as the theme of the excellent bibliography recommended, books Huimin exhibition, youth patriotic reading and education activities, scholarly family selection and other 15 national reading activities.

finally worth mentioning is that Zigong in promoting cultural Huimin, but also vigorously implement the training of personnel. Only by the continuous development of their own, combined with the characteristics of the region, and vigorously carry forward the cultural heritage, play their own unique advantages, can effectively promote the rapid economic development. Gradually complete part-time Township Cultural cadres, township cultural professionals do 14 training; carry out special poverty alleviation culture volunteer service activities 122 games, key support, Empty Nester left-behind children, the disabled and other special groups.

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