local government wants to promote the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship, not only in infrastructure efforts, also need to constantly improve the regional soft power, service innovation and entrepreneurship both enhance the attractiveness of the region for entrepreneurs.

10 26 in the morning, innovation forum and start the Changjiang Valley entrepreneurs wow Tao technology awarding ceremony held at the Jingdezhen Institute of Beiyuan campus. Former vice chairman of the CPPCC, former first deputy chairman of the KMT Central Committee Li Wuwei, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial committee chairman Ma Zhiwu attended the ceremony and other guests jointly launched forum lecture crystal ball.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum sponsored by the Changjiang

in Changjiang district to create entrepreneurial brand hard, entrepreneurs here can not only enjoy the superior business environment and welfare policy, can also carry out exchanges and cooperation with industry leaders, experts, continuing to enhance its soft power. This is an attractive option for entrepreneurs.

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