from an ordinary textile factory workers, through three years of independent business, so that the boss of the garment processing company, she is how successful? Her name is Hu Huafang, 31 years old this year, is currently chairman of Chongqing embroidery garment processing Co., ltd.. Talking about his entrepreneurial experience, Hu Huafang can not conceal the joy of the heart, then did not want anything, just to survive."

"every day

online to attract customers

2008, Hu Huafang is a local textile factory, a regular front-line workers. Holding her 600 dollars a month, how to make a living is the most pressing problem she faces. Considering himself in a textile factory for 8 years, have some experience, so Hu Huafang chose the most direct way, out of 2000 savings a few months down, to learn weaving technology. After learning to return, Hu Huafang and her husband began in Fuling District Street stalls.

2009 years, an accidental opportunity, Hu Huafang came into contact with Taobao, when a friend recommended me to go to Taobao to sell, and I do not understand these points." Hu Huafang said that in this patient patient help, I began to explore.

"start a Taobao shop after a few days on the turnover of a piece of embroidery products, or foreign customers." Hu Huafang said. Feel the effect of online publicity is pretty good." "Begun to taste the sweetness" after Hu Huafang, together with her husband in the side usually outside swing stalls while they began to use the network to promote their products. Last year, she invested thirty thousand yuan in Chongqing, Fuling, founded a micro enterprise.

"through the Internet is constantly looking for the intention of customers, chat with them, understand their needs; but also to expand the audience, we have more than 90% of customers are from the field now." Hu Huafang personally take the lead in the Internet business is just the use of the Internet and other new media dissemination and marketing of a microcosm.