business in recent years in the hot market development degree is as everyone knows, but because the basic business shop has been in a state of saturation, resulting in a Business successor shops, the great pressure of competition, and can not achieve a good income. 22, 2009, nearly a hundred people in charge of the electricity supplier gathered in the 2016 brand digital transformation of the electricity supplier meditation will explore the development trend of e-commerce. So, how to become a new Wuxi electricity supplier?

in the first half of this year, Wuxi retail sales of 22 billion yuan, an increase of 25%, more and more traditional enterprises aware of the importance of electricity providers, OCS is no longer fresh. However, with the gradual decline in the flow of dividends, sales growth of the major domestic third party platform is slowing down, coupled with channel conflict, vicious competition, etc., electricity providers feel increasingly difficult business.

Wuxi most of the electricity supplier is still stuck in " open a Tmall shop " the traditional stage." Lu Jianhao, general manager of cloud computing technology in Jiangsu, Taihu, introduced a number of enterprises will be understood as the electricity supplier in the third party platform to open a shop, put stalls, resulting in the separation of the store and network sales. At present, the changing needs of the Internet, from the end of the computer shop to a variety of mobile client entrance to the brand as the core of the concept of the channel is more conducive to the development of the brand.

how to transform into a new electricity supplier? Sea orchid house (600398, stock it) Chen Lei, general manager of electricity supplier understanding is electricity supplier should serve the brand". If it is not based on physical brand, online platform is likely to develop a network of sales for the network, or online price is low, resulting in damage to the physical brand.

from the "net" at the beginning, sea orchid house will be full channel integration of Tmall, Jingdong, and self built platform, the line of the same paragraph, at the same time, the same price, even if the "double eleven" is not involved in the promotion. Last year, the sea orchid home electricity supplier channels to achieve sales of 905 million yuan, this year is expected to maintain the growth of the figure of two.

break the shackles of tradition, the development of the new situation, in order to open up more ways to meet their own needs. This time, the face of the current situation of their own electricity supplier in Wuxi, the positive transformation of the new electricity supplier, the most fundamental point is that the electricity supplier should serve the brand, thereby enhancing their own strength, which do you have any idea?

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