just like, a lot of people take the bus to work long hours in general, the shop will actually have a free time, then, the idle time and how to use it? Many shopkeepers may be in a daze, if it will be a nap at noon and so on. Different owners will have a different choice, which may also have a different impact on the store’s later operations. So, how do you keep your free time?

any supermarket when there are no customers, especially in the off-season or noon, most of the customers are at rest, so many shopkeepers will be spent in the loneliness of the shop. At this time, some shopkeepers drowsy, some shopkeepers played the phone, as well as the choice of fitness, how can I keep myself in the shop in the spare time, do something meaningful? To this end, we invited a number of retail shopkeepers, please listen to their speeches.

retail guests such as spring

I use the free time of the store to organize and display goods. On one occasion, I use the free time to sleep, the results of the customer into the half a day I did not find. There is a customer found in my sleep, may be embarrassed to disturb me, then quietly left, this also caused me a loss. With this lesson, I can’t sleep any more. Many of our goods will be damaged or not sorted by customer selection, and I will use this time to sort out the goods and restore the original order.

in addition to finishing the goods, you can also find out what goods sales, which small sales of goods, to facilitate their next planning. At the same time, we can also find some of the hidden dangers, once, when I was finishing the goods, found a bottle of canned food has been skewed, if the customer hit the shelves, it is likely to fall, and even hit the customer. Therefore, I have to ensure the safety of the arrangement, to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

comment: such as the boss’s practice better, and sleep away from the mobile phone to avoid a lot of trouble, and at this time to arrange the goods, can find the problem, but also can give people a sense of beauty, is indeed a good move. Next, listen to the boss Xiao speak.

retail guest Xiao Yang

when there is no customer in the shop, I will cross stitch embroidery. Embroidery is a kind of elegant enjoyment, not only can temper character, but also can make my supermarket has a humanistic atmosphere, which is much stronger than playing the phone and sleep. Accompanied by embroidery, my life also has fun, and promote my retail life. After a period of time, my embroidery work is finished, it will be hanging in the supermarket, so that we can demonstrate our supermarket culture, but also can improve the quality and grade of the supermarket, this is a very good move.