beauty salon to business is booming, need to pay attention to a lot of problems, do not blindly let customers do card, charge money, in fact, this piece of products is also very important. Beauty salon, the first to win the trust of customers, if customers do not trust you, it is difficult to operate.

1, new stores, customers do not understand your technology, strength, reputation, and even do not know how long you can support, it is difficult to obtain customer trust. Do card is the first half of the customer needs or even a year’s money, which has not been established on the trust of the customer relationship, it is very difficult. Prepaid cards, will make the original intention of consumption of new sources of loss of 87%! In other words, there are 100 people intend to spend in your new store, because you only sell the card does not sell the product, there will be 87 people to dispel the idea, this is how much loss ah! The result is different while selling products, customers will get their hands, even if your shop closed down, she has the most care products, no feeling, did not suffer, no sense of being fraudulent, the turnover rate is greatly improved.

2, because there is no card to sell the product, will make the card value can not be sold, forced to reduce, such as a year card 2800 yuan, donated $2800 product, the customer is easy to accept. If you do not send the product, 2800 yuan of the card is too expensive! No way to cut prices, there was a store to sell only 680 yuan a year card! Greatly reduce sales.

3, do card customers only once a week to beauty care. What do you use at home? They will go to the mall to buy, will go to other beauty salons, the result is that they do not go to your store to spend a penny! The same is true of the fact that the biggest complaint to the owner of the card shop is: my customers are very poor, never buy products in my store! She took a year of money, buy the product there is no preferential, how can stimulate her consumption? They don’t have no money, it’s your way of selling that they don’t want to give you any more money!

4, selling cards will greatly reduce turnover. Even spending more than revenue in January. Cash flow has become a big problem, and the beauty salon is the need to continue to invest, to constantly give customers a sense of freshness, such as appropriate to change the style of decoration, add new projects, new advertising, etc.. The shop owner has no money and no confidence, will cause the doors to cold, no more popular. And once the beauty salon no popularity, nothing. No new customers of beauty salons will have more dire consequences, that is the staff morale, because many shop beautician also bear the sales tasks, they also compete for new sources of conflict, thus increasing the difficulty of management, resulting in unable to pick up the situation.

In fact,