said that every owner wants his shop business can be prosperous, but now the competition is fierce, if you want to achieve this goal, it is necessary to do more work. In the visit, often hear retail customers said, now the business is difficult to do not sell cigarettes to sell, not sell cigarettes sold out, etc.. The author believes that the retail business to business customers, you need to do the following:

one is added value services. In addition to price concessions, to provide customers with value-added services can also retain customers. For example, retail customers can free to consumers into the store with tea; if a retail store near the bus stop, retail customers can also give passing passengers free to provide the rest of the stool; let out the door for parking, parking and other consumers are able to provide personalized service for customers.

two is reduced operating costs. Retail stores, in order to earn more profits, but also to minimize operating costs. For retailers, one should learn to count the account, count small account, learn reasonable order, scientific arrangement of manpower cost, cost and other costs, the minimum cost to obtain maximum benefits; on the other hand, people who want to be, pay attention to market changes, timely supply of imports, also can minimize the the cost of goods, increase sales revenue.

three is "multiply" reputation maintenance. Retail households to stabilize the source, a sincere hospitality; two is genuine; the three is not to haggle over. Encountered problems do not prevarication, and consumers to form a shared resource, in order to form a win-win, win-win outcome.

four is in addition to make up for deficiencies. In business, retail customers hand must be good at listening to the opinions and suggestions of consumers, from the screening and adopt correct and beneficial suggestions for the development of their own; on the other hand to keep learning, to break the traditional business philosophy, to find deficiencies, remove the deficiencies, improve service, to improve customer satisfaction, let business is more prosperous.

do a good job of the relevant rules of the operation, may be able to make a shop business booming, so even in the face of fierce competition, but also create a huge wealth, so that retail customers easily earn big fortune. So, if you are a retail customer, the above business skills will be helpful to your store management?