Internet era, entrepreneurship has become more simple, and many friends want to venture through the internet. Now, the Internet is also very popular in Suqian, the electricity supplier has exceeded thirty thousand. Located in the hinterland of Suqian in recent years relying on the local advantages of traditional industries, the Internet thinking to break the geographical and resource "imprisoned", to promote a strong Internet public business, to achieve economic "Internet reengineering".

the traditional business model of development forced Wenzhou Zhejiang going out, and now Suqian’s Internet development model has attracted tens of thousands of young people back home bags, back to the Internet entrepreneurial hot spot. More than thirty thousand shop prop up the development of Jiangsu electricity supplier new heights".

the government for a guest "grind" coffee bean "

"off" activities to build entrepreneurial atmosphere; "business platform service". Since last year, the city on the network as the main line of entrepreneurship, all-round, the whole process to support entrepreneurship.

for the network business "soft environment" to create a more intimate, Suqian". In October last year, the city set up a network of entrepreneurial public service platform to run on the line, providing entrepreneurial policies for the network entrepreneurs, network training, network goods and other services. The establishment of suitable for online sales of industrial, agricultural real estate name book library, the current name of the real estate inventory records have more than 600.