The widespread popularity of

phones, so that even if we can not see the face of a year can also be closely related. And with the development of science and technology, the popularity of smart phones, WeChat has slowly from high-income groups to the public. Along with WeChat’s hot, WeChat marketing has become a network marketing businesses keen, many retail businesses do a good job in the store at the same time, also began to use WeChat launched WeChat marketing, and released by WeChat advertising circle of friends, promotion goods store, tasted the sweetness of many.

, however, with some of the micro business circle of friends abuse WeChat advertising, now the "circle of friends" has almost become a "advertising circle", many micro friends dislike to be pestered beyond endurance. Or shielding advertising, or pull the black haired advertisers. In such a serious context, how to publish the advertising circle of friends in the circle of friends and not to cause the circle of friends and the shielding of the resentment? According to the author of many years of WeChat marketing experience, summed up the following in the WeChat circle of friends advertising experience:

: first in the WeChat circle of friends must be innovative advertising of goods (for example, new cigarette, the customer is usually not seen) or common commodities, the only way to arouse the attention of consumers and interests, will not let him (her) who revolted. Or, the advertising to consumers, such as "favorable" advertising is about commodity discounts, promotional advertising, so that consumers "profitable", a cheap can be accounted for, this will attract their attention and interest, without causing resentment.

secondly, the best time to choose the best time to publish ads, the number of ads released every day can not be too much, do not send advertising. The purpose of our retail business is to allow consumers to see the ads in the product, causing consumers to buy interest, and then into the store to buy. Therefore, retail advertising, must select the time interval is free in the consumer retail advertising published in the period of time, can reach half the multiplier effect, advertising effect.

finally, retail businesses in the WeChat circle of friends issued in the process of advertising, from time to time with some "interactive content", for example, answer, quiz, quiz and other prize activities, because the entertainment content can also win prizes, micro friends will not dislike and screen advertisement. Retail businesses can put ads in the goods, as the answer, riddle or quiz answer or answer, let the consumer in attention in the process of advertising can also win prizes by guessing, both entertainment effect, and achieves the purpose of advertising the product, but also impressive. In addition, WeChat circle of friends Zuiji "malicious malicious scraper scraper, can brush yourself to death. Every day, every moment, repeated advertising, which also makes people more disgusted be pestered beyond endurance, and pull the black shield, can hardly be avoided.

now a lot of people in the circle of friends advertising is very annoying, in such an atmosphere, if