service is not only reflected in the transaction with customers, after-sales service is equally important. In short, the modern retail, which improve after-sales service, improve customer turnover rate is also an extremely important part. Generally speaking, some goods factory after a rigorous sampling inspection means, but it will not pass one hundred percent. In practice, we can meet the customers to buy the goods quality problems, then requires retailers to timely and properly handled, the elimination of customer misunderstanding, give them a perfect solution, natural customers will become our customers come back.

, for example, when retail customers appear to reflect the quality of goods with customers, must remain calm and rational mind, to deal with reasonable. Do simple and casual, or buck passing, looking for some reason to blame, so most likely to cause a customer contradiction, is not conducive to solving the problem. For such problems, the correct approach is to first listen to the customer complaining, and then determine the cause of this problem is that the quality of the product itself, we should not hesitate to give timely solution; if due to improper use of the customer, can help customers change certain and exchange, can repair the repair promptly.

is not enough to explain the reasons to the customer, to seek a mutually acceptable solution. Sometimes the surface of their own to eat a little loss, but in exchange for customer satisfaction that is a good thing. Maybe they will become our customers, and even become a living advertisement in our store, we actively carry out publicity work, so it would be good to help their business at the store, to promote their own development, Why not?? If the deal is not correct, do not say contradictions, customers may also make negative publicity.

in fact, improve after-sales service, but also an important supporting point of modern marketing. In fact, as a retail household can be aware of this, but in practice it is difficult to do this. In fact, this is also fully demonstrated the integrity of our retail households, we must pay attention to the integrity of the customer, to honor the commitment to the customer. Do not appear as good as gold, the quality of goods prevarication, not apathy, and to deal with enthusiasm, and properly handled.

do a good job of after-sales service, you can determine whether the customer will become a repeat customer of this store, which has a very big impact on the store’s business. So, if you are a retail store owner, for after-sales service also requires a high degree of attention, this will be of great help to store operations.