in such a way of entrepreneurship, if we can hold more content, will have a greater help for the development of their own later. So, if you want to venture capital, may wish to remember the following nine points introduced by small. So, entrepreneurs have to remember the nine points?

before this, Xiao Bian also shared many about the entrepreneurial success cheats or something, some might say, just empty talk more of these so-called cheats, but today I would like to share these 9 points, can be said that as long as you must do it, it will help you to start. Remember these 9 points, entrepreneurship must be.

1, set specific goals. Note that the key point here is the "specific" target, the more specific the better, for example, I want to lose 10 pounds a month, or must go to bed before 10 at night than I, I want to lose weight, or I will form the habit of going to bed early and more specific, which is called the aim to have a clear concept, it will not let you hesitate, but will not let you give up halfway.

2, seize the opportunity to achieve the goal. Entrepreneurs are very busy, every day to deal with a lot of work tasks, and eventually when the opportunity comes often miss, did not notice. To seize the opportunity, we must advance the deployment, the implementation of the scheme of how to determine when, again, the more specific the better, in fact, when you plan to work every day, will let your mind be vigilant, but also more conducive to you to seize the opportunity, rather than a busy day, but eventually find out what things are not ready.

3, regularly review their own how far away from the target. Entrepreneurs are no one to monitor you, so many times you need to monitor their own, and you have to do is to check their work every week or even every day. If you do not, probably for a long time, found from the initially set the target as well as the long distance, will easily upset or give up, on the contrary, regular inspection, even if the target is not yet complete, but it is just a short, not too bad, in the next stage, you can make timely adjustments to catch up.

4, be a realistic optimist. This is both realistic and optimistic entrepreneurs, you can be very optimistic about their goals, believe they can succeed, it will enhance the power and maintain their own but also be of great advantage, should pay attention to the reality of the problem, namely, no matter what you do, the way to have a will is difficult, need to pay a lot hard work and persistence. So, entrepreneurship is a realistic view of the problem, optimistic to face, rather than blindly optimistic, lack of preparation, or simply to see the reality of the difficulties, so that they dare not move forward.

5, do excellence. Believe that you have the ability to achieve your goals