in a variety of cigarette market demand, wedding consumption not only smoke, and people for the price is often not too seriously, therefore, for any one shop, do the wedding for cigarette marketing work, there will be a great help for the development of the business of the shop. With the wedding market is active, with the increase in demand for wedding cigarettes.

in the choice of wedding smoke, consumers in order to create a festive atmosphere, often prefer to buy festive packaging, affordable cigarettes. Currently in Jiyang local wedding market, wedding with cigarette brands is relatively concentrated, mainly the "Taishan" series of "luxury", "grand", "BAXI", "Wang Yue" and "movement" and "general" and other specifications.

wedding market as a feature of the market, in guiding the consumption will also affect the cigarette sales structure, so in the wedding with tobacco marketing should pay attention to a certain strategy, leave the sex service route.

establish a good reputation

do a good job in the wedding with tobacco breeding can not only promote the growth of cigarette sales, but also enhance brand awareness, brand effect.

the principle of small profits and quick turnover many people know. Sales of direct profits may not be more than a wedding, but a large one-time sales. Many retail customers like to get married with the smoke of the business, because it is relatively low profits, but the reputation can be quickly established in the short term. So, for some retail customers, with the wedding smoke to do word of mouth is the most appropriate.

go local characteristics route

wedding smoke will bring a lot of retail customers new business growth point, but should be based on the characteristics of local consumption and consumption oriented, according to the actual situation to promote the wedding smoke. You can try the following three strategies: one is to learn the way the promotion of large stores, to have the needs of consumers with the wedding smoke to carry out activities such as buy one get one, and so on, to provide customers with some small gifts.

two is to establish a trust relationship with customers. Timely understanding of the needs of customers around the stock in advance; for larger and reliable customers, you can take the first delivery of cigarettes, and then pay the way. Three is to provide customers with attentive service. To help customers calculate the cost of wedding smoke, given a different program of smoke, so that customers choose the right situation according to their own wedding smoke.

precise positioning service object

in the promotion of the wedding smoke, according to the local consumption capacity and customs of the precise positioning of the service object.

now has a lot of places to sell cigarettes, however, until consumers are really married