is known to all, the education industry is a golden cake, many people want to be a piece of. In 2013, the Internet became the focus of many educational products to focus on the discussion, a friend called the first year of online education.

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according to the analysis of DDT Germany, the current size of IT training market is about 1.3% of the national education field, about the size of 13 billion yuan. Although this proportion is not high, but the size of 13 billion yuan is also large enough small and large IT training company to make a good effort. But then decades gradually decline, the attendant gradually erode the share. Take a look at the national key cities, colleges and universities around the large and small IT training companies get together, the competition can be imagined.

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3,   existing mode

IT training is still based on the line based, for the user base has a relatively strong demand, training needs a job. So the general IT training institutions in addition to the entrance, the organization of teaching, monitoring the quality of teaching, in addition to the needs of the students, increase employment assistance, and communicate with the employer, open up exports.

IT is a skilled work, there must be a strong team, strictly grasp any link, in order to stand area. IT>