for every entrepreneur, entrepreneurial project selection is a critical factor, at the same time around also continue to hold some business conference, in order to inspire people to stimulate entrepreneurship, good business projects, the first World Conference in Anhui province has raised four entrepreneurial projects selected.

10 9, the first World Conference of 500 projects in Anhui to raise the public election race held in Lu’an City, for the participation of 14 entrepreneurial projects in our province, Anhui Province, Lu’an Guapian tea Limited by Share Ltd and other 4 entrepreneurial projects to raise the public world talent shows itself, its 500 strong project qualification, they will have the opportunity to get the world to raise public billion yuan investment and a new conference board five chance.

the election race by everyone voted Lu’an station host. 500 projects will be in the General Assembly roadshow site, the final finalists in the top 100, the top 10 and the top of the project, will be able to get the public to raise funds to invest, and the opportunity to raise the public on the Guiyang Stock Exchange listed on the issue of trading. Everyone voted Lu’an station of Ma Xiangbing said that the current national advocacy of "public entrepreneurship, innovation", to raise the public Internet era to promote an important means of financing, business innovation, for the development of small and micro finance as well as the construction of multi-level capital market, has important significance.

under a background like this, but also can see the whole Anhui province business strength is still there, at the same time, this kind of entrepreneurial success, for the development of the whole society is a remarkable thing.


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