from the college entrance examination of the college students know the hardships of squeezing a single plank bridge. After graduation, however, they still have to work on this single plank bridge. So there are many students turn to choose entrepreneurship. But entrepreneurship is not so simple a thing.

2015, the "diving" in the business tide of students, like a group of fish, hidden in the depth of the river where the crackling sound, diving out, looking forward to a "Longmen". Dahe reporter found in the visit, on the road from "looking for jobs" to "rice bowl", the majority of students seem to be excited above the passion and impulse than thought, some even a little confused.

2015 in December, the Ministry of education requirements: since 2016, all colleges and universities to set up entrepreneurship education curriculum innovation into credit management, and the establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship scholarship; willingness to have the entrepreneurial students, offering business guidance and training course; the practice has been carried out entrepreneurial students, carry out business management training……

How to learn

for students, not only in Henan and send empty talk, "the real thing": Business Incubator waiting for small bosses to "a" space free, free, free property management, water free.