the difficult employment of college students has become the norm, many college students choose home business, and make full use of rural resources to entrepreneurs, led the development of home economy, obtain the public affirmation, this does not, the boy had to choose to return home after graduation entrepreneurship planting agaricus.

guide workers cleaning bacteria

nostalgia files: Li Fuping, 1979 born in Anlong county anzhen small dragon Chang Ba Cun; 2003 graduated from Guizhou University in agronomy, Xingyi city orange Hill Working Committee, 2010, founder of the leading home at Anlong county agricultural farmer cooperatives.

7 7, just before dawn, Anlong county anzhen small dragon Chang Ba Cun of Yilong mushroom Park bacteria farmers began a busy day.

side of accounting accountant Zhao Tingyan said: "since mid June has been closed since the mining of fruit, fresh mushrooms more than and 50 tons."

Not far from

, a new edible fungus cleaning machine is flow. The villagers Tan Zhixian smile: "on duty at 7 in the morning every day to work, work at 6 in the afternoon, the higher monthly income of 3000 yuan, and the city people to work no two


4 years short, Anlong county anzhen small dragon Chang Ba Cun from impoverished village move a well-off village, led the county wide dragon, rain, Pingle, Ping Pu Township more than 180 households, radiation driven employment of more than 2000 people, the development of greenhouse 615, the average net income of 42 thousand yuan.

[leader] with folks off

12 years ago, Li Fuping graduated from the College of agriculture, Guizhou University, to the work of the Xingyi orange hill work, soon became a member of the work of the orange hill, deputy director of production technology, research and development center director.

2005 years, Li Fuping, a contract for the edible fungus factory. "I think, in addition to second years to pay off the credit rent, actually also earned two million."

2008 years, Li Fuping learned that the young people are out of the home to work, leaving the elderly, children at home, on the initiation of the village to start a business recommendation