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lovers love to buy the same product, which is a development of pajamas, pajamas lovers, a lot of people do not know how to choose the things we buy things, mainly is to ensure that the purchase of a couple of pajamas to wear on the body is comfortable, and also has a certain aesthetic feeling, so lovers what brand of pajamas? What brand of good things? Let’s make a couple understand brand pajamas.

send Home Furnishing Buongiorno dress is one of the brands of Guangdong Katie Clothing Co. Ltd. the main business, as a pioneer of home fashion brand, fashion, will live, send Buongiorno passion lifestyle home fashion the essence of interpretation


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"kabeixian" pajamas, Home Furnishing clothing y embodies the taste of life, enjoy the warm thoughts. What brand of pajamas? Since the promotion of fashion, comfortable, classic brand image and fashionable, good texture, bright color, rich cultural connotation of the product.