wants to open a snack bar in the center of the city? To this snack bar by the majority of chowhound welcome? Do you want customers to think about your snack bar? Select the 3Q chicken.

How about chicken


3Q joined 3Q chicken chicken? You can easily shop business to make money, do not worry, 3Q chicken headquarters launched a variety of series of delicacy for consumers to choose, each of which makes people unable to hide greeds. 3Q stores the delicious chicken include the following:

1, crispy fried chicken, golden skin with nourishing attractive color, crisp outside and tender inside, a good appetite.

2, selection of fresh squid deep sea, secret material pickled, love extremely.

3, golden skin wrapped in soft cotton heart, 14 kinds of eating, no longer repeat the simple taste.

4, colorful ingredients with a variety of sauces, hot dogs taste interpretation of the taste.

5, shopping can eat pizza, unique flavor, open a 3Q chicken shop in the city center, the absolute consumer taste buds.

now people for the pursuit of delicious and nutritious food will never change, 3Q chicken ingredients according to a variety of valuable spices and herbs accurate proportion, grinding into salted chicken feed with chicken meat. Marinated chicken powder for curing a collocation, make chicken meat more tasty, delicious taste keep more lasting is absolutely worth to join the project.