innovation and Entrepreneurship of the main force is getting younger and younger, an endless stream of innovative technology and the depth of the development of the market. A group of 90 female college students in such an opportunity to organize a group of entrepreneurs, to create waterless car wash products, the dream into reality.

"a liquid, I could use a finger licking, or you ask me a drink I also like. Because I am 100% trust in our products." Yang hand with a waterless car wash liquid beaker, confident to the people who come to visit the floor. "This is all about the human body, no harm to the environment."

9 am, Inner Mongolia University Institute of entrepreneurship innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Exhibition cum Inner Mongolia long Technology Co., Ltd. product promotion ceremony held in Aspen introduced her new car wash.

poplar is a girl of 90 students of Inner Mongolia University School of business. After 5 years of experiments, she and the team developed the waterless car wash guards series products finally came out, which also let her dream into reality".

with thinking, to water of the junior high school, Aspen will more concentrate on water concerns. She learned that there is no foreign car wash. "If you do not use water to wash the car, not only the use of water resources will be reduced, but also for the protection of the ecological environment."

about the experimental process, the team members have a lot of emotion.