we all know that Nanjing is a famous city in history, there have been 6 Dynasty to the capital, now only the Ming wall was retained, Nanjing Ming Dynasty city wall was built in the yuan is twenty years (1360), Yu Minghong Wu for twenty-nine years (1396), and lasted for more than 30 years, is the country the capital city wall built.

"mingtaizu record" Volume 21 records: "heigo August gengxu Shuo, extension cannes." According to expert research, the specific date of birth for September 5, 1366 "Nanjing city wall". In September 5th of this year the city wall in Nanjing ushered in the 650 birthday, people in Nanjing for the city wall birthday at the same time, the city wall inscription has entered a critical period. So Nanjing Ming City Wall inscription have gone through what kind of process, then what work to be done?

with the birthday song, Nanjing Ming City Wall ushered in its 650 birthday. On September 5th, the 650 and the city wall of the Ming Dynasty with the birthday of Nanjing people gathered at the gate of the Chinese city. These people are not only born in the near future of children, but also in the walls of the old man grew up in Nanjing. The temple of national primary school classmate Zhou Yu was born on September 5, 2005, and her more than and 60 year old grandmother Zhu Yuhong also happens to be the same birthday. One old one small special happy. Zhou Yu said the students, the walls are turning green, unlike the previous brick side of a piece of staggered here, have become neat.

Zhu Yuhong also said that with the Ming city wall with a birthday, it is a great honor, especially happy: "now China’s Ming city wall, especially in this section of the Nanjing the better.

Nanjing’s ancient city wall in the minds of the vast number of consumers left a deep impression, it is worth people go to visit again and again. Every person in Nanjing, for the Ming city walls have a deep complex. 64 year old Yu Hongbing recalled childhood play on the walls of the scene, still visible before the eyes: "we are indigenous in the edge of the wall, when climbing walls also fell down. In the past to see the walls are small cottage, now more spectacular than before, the surrounding environment improved, all the walls below into a park."

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