heavy news!

free venture tornado struck!

as long as you sign up to participate in entrepreneurial activities, there is a chance to win 50 thousand yuan fee!

want to start a business? No experience? No technology? No money?

don’t be afraid!

Sichuan Jiazhou subway investment channels

in chicken

free to join you, take you together to make a lot of money!

national chain, well-known brands, to help you successfully set up shop when the boss!

headquarters business guidance, support in place, easy to join!

help you complete the entrepreneurial dream!

does not require a lot of money for every venture

not every boss has to fight

give you a chance to be a boss

gives you a team as a backup

your distance from the rich

only one application!

from now until April 10, 2016, upload your photos, name, phone number, address, as well as your entrepreneurial manifesto to participate in the selection, it is possible to succeed when the boss!

age limit: 18-50 years old


WeChat public number investment channels "(micro signal quanshangwang), or two-dimensional code scanning concern, the public no click menu

awards set:

first: to provide $50 thousand franchise fee

2-5: 20 thousand yuan to reduce the franchise fee

6-10: 10 thousand yuan to reduce the franchise fee

11-30: 2000 yuan to reduce the franchise fee