Some of the old campus around the

district has been formed, people shopping are very convenient, once the shop business, competition will face more and more big, but the new district can be different, residents demand, the market has been in short supply, if operating properly, a profitable industry extremely relaxed. In short, the living area, more and more new projects, the same, living area has its own unique investment market, small business can do?

cell entrepreneurship can do? 1, beauty salon

women to make themselves more beautiful more beautiful, not soft money. Especially in recent years, the concept of cosmetic care, slimming beauty and so on through the mass media’s fierce propaganda offensive, greatly inspired the woman’s desire to love nature, and thus the rise of women’s beauty industry.

high profits, a huge market and difficult to count every year, new beauty products, high-tech equipment, high-tech equipment, such as the advent of the beauty industry has brought tremendous business opportunities.

cell entrepreneurship can do? 2, agricultural fruit shop

now on the market sell fruit, candied fruit is variety, but many of the older people in the city but occasionally miss the past rural New Year’s rice cake, such as special purchases for the Spring Festival, crisp, Ren, tile angle Ding, sugar, rice, hot skin sand fried potatoes etc..

in fact, these fruits and vegetables, adults, children love. In the city to do a processing and wholesale and retail of agricultural fruit shop, will be able to get good results.

cell entrepreneurship can do? 3, breakfast booth

breakfast spread is very profitable, if you can every day for 10 units of about 1500 people to sell breakfast, a box of 3 yuan, the monthly income of 4500 yuan, get rid of half the cost of only 2200 yuan, and this is just the morning turnover!

early style design tips:

1. staple food: bread, steamed buns, steamed bread or other pastries;

2.: pickles or other non-staple food special dishes;

3. drinks: tea, coffee, milk, gruel or other liquid food;

4. design for breakfast lunch boxes, staple food, non-staple food, beverage in a box, it is easy to express and sale;

5. breakfast should be designed according to different regions of different tastes and healthy diet, according to the general public, the price is not too expensive, if the business >