many parents for their children to a good school, but the effort, for the people of Shanghai, the same is true. Many people believe that you can rely on the advantages of their own location to allow children to focus on high school, for many parents do not want to lose at the starting line, the parents have a great attraction.

according to the China Index Research Institute data show that the city of Shanghai, there are about 18 thousand projects, of which only 1200 real estate belonging to the school district room, that is to say, the proportion of housing stock belonging to the school district room accounted for only 6.7%. However, the reporter visited the Pudong, Changning, Minhang and other areas after the discovery of a number of real estate agents, and Beijing is different, Shanghai school district room and non school district room price does not exist significant differences.

intermediary Mr. Liu told reporters that the foreign (community) is not much of a no school district house, its price and the price of the school district less, up to 500 thousand less than 800 thousand. Although there is no school district, but he can also go to other schools, such as some private, far, so the price difference will not be particularly large, Shanghai house is not cheap.

another intermediary Zhao said, do not think too much, in fact, have a look, you are selling the house, according to geographical location, ah, ah to school district environment and age and so on, on the basis of these, the school district is accounted for a little proportion, occupy small.

in spite of this, the current 71% of the school district room has always been concentrated in the main city of Shanghai, Whampoa , Xuhui, Jingan and other urban centers, the allocation of educational resources. In order to suppress the excessive speculation and Shanghai school district room, Jingan District began to launch the first five years of ordering the enrollment policy from 2014, namely "a household registration address, only enjoy the same school counterparts enrollment opportunities within 5 years (two children, twins are exceptions)". In other words, those who buy the school district room hanging households, and other children immediately after the transfer of the sale of the school, a residential 5 years may experience several children enrolled, will not appear again.

Shanghai, the value of the school district room more objective, but also to bring more power to your parents, in order to children’s learning, regardless of all the financial resources are highly valued. Director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Su Ming said, many parents feel that this is a very good measure and policy, otherwise, it will cause a surge in demand for local areas of enrollment. In terms of the total amount, the teaching of compulsory education, whether it is the arrangement of schools and teaching quality are guaranteed.

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