now people will want to open such a problem, what is the individual business or franchise, individual business venture Road relatively rough, but once the success of franchising business income much easier, but a large part of revenue into the franchisee’s pocket, how choose it, both good and harm. This issue on the small bread alone to join as an example for everyone to make the following introduction. Bread shop to join form without too much money and experience, in the headquarters of the support, novices can easily do the boss, now bread stores market hot, which is the competitiveness of the brand, good reputation? Today we will take a look at


What are the

bakery brands?

1, European Wind sweet

European Wind sweet wheat is now a hot bread shop to join the brand, settled in Guangzhou for 20 years, has developed more than more than and 300 stores in the country’s major cities can be seen in the form of the European wind. European wheat sweet has a professional R & D team, continue to launch new products according to market changes, various category can meet the customer’s needs, no matter how the environment changes, the development of the European wind catcher can follow the pace of the market, seize the hearts of customers.

2, bread talk

bread new word has been the development of word of mouth, unified store management, standardization of the process of production of products, can give customers peace of mind at ease.

2, 85 degrees C

85 C the bread and drink a good combination, in the purchase of bread at the same time, you can also experience more tea, focusing on a one-stop customer service.

3, Santa Ana


Anna Hongkong brand, all products are uniform distribution by the headquarters, to ensure the taste and quality of unity, by many consumers.

4, Paris Bei sweet

Paris Bei sweet is Korea’s baking brand. Mainly engaged in authentic French bread, fresh sandwiches, delicious cake, pure coffee. After entering, with its high-quality five star products, attractive in the market.

5, good wheat


has many years of history to join the good wheat bakery, known for its good taste in bread products, franchise brand good reputation, franchisees are increasing gradually grow.

6, sweet princess

"Sweet Princess" is a