catering market update quickly, there is no innovation lack of new products will soon be eliminated by the market, the wonderful volume sent as a characteristic of the burrito products, the food industry has become the evergreen tree. This not only from Chinese nostalgia of rolls, but because the attribute class rolls convenient and delicacy. It is a classic pasta pie roll rolls brand, wonderful volume fashion school rolls, subversion of traditional and Western fusion technology.

wonderful pie   Golden delicious can not resist

rolls is a classic of China’s delicacy, wonderful volume sent a bold innovation in traditional rolls basis, after years of efforts to develop first proposed Mini rolls series, mini rolls, eat fashion, happy eating a bite, meet the workers, white-collar workers, etc. Master cosmetic needs of different consumer groups. No matter in any place, wonderful volume pies are a symbol of fashion and taste. It also added in addition to send roll rolls, Mini Hamburger, Teppanyaki, Oden series, not only enrich the product line, expand the profit space, can also support the development of various modes of


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volumes of fresh fruits and vegetables and meat quality by scientific and reasonable collocation, make small burritos more nutritional value. Wonderful volumes of the nine volumes of snacks used in the meat is the use of secret sauce made of pickled. Not only taste good but also can give a person a kind of multi-level taste, for investors this wonderful volume sent a burrito but can suck gold good ah, compared with the general project volume sent nine kinds of wonderful volume operation more simple, easy operation. The production of a wonderful volume of nine volumes of snacks only need about 40 seconds to one or two people can operate in order to allow investors to master the cooking skills faster.