whether you are 80 years old, or a child of the age of 5, you can enjoy the scenery along the way, while exercise fitness. In May 7th, reporters from the city district science and Technology Tourism Bureau learned that this year the city district will build Nanchuan River Sports Fitness Zone, to build 8 major sports theme park, to create a "fitness in the forest" conception. After the park is completed, will be free to the public.

construction of Nanchuan River Sports Fitness Zone, is to take the sports facilities into the natural scenery, the sports and tourism integration. In recent years, the area of Nanchuan River spare no effort to carry out a comprehensive renovation, renovation of the Nanchuan river scenery, but not too many people come here to visit, to build the Nanchuan River Sports Fitness Zone, will not only provide a good place for the beautiful scenery for the public health, will also greatly enhance the popularity of Nanchuan River Scenic belt.

According to

reports, Nanchuan River Sports Fitness Zone north of Xining stadium, South to the south of the toll station, a total length of 15 kilometers, plans to invest 5 million yuan. The main is to increase the sports facilities in Nanchuan River, construction area, the elderly, children skating croquet outdoor table tennis table for adults and children, such as fitness equipment, various age people can find a suitable fitness project here.

it is worth mentioning that, although the city area every year in the new sports facilities, but embarrassing is that these sports facilities are mostly scattered in the vicinity of each district or community in a small garden, the lack of unified planning. The construction of Nanchuan River Sports Fitness Zone, will expand the scale on the basis of the scatter distribution, formation, I am a widespread and relatively centralized public outdoor exercise. (author: Sheng Nan Zhang Yongzhi)