this year, the city’s various units and departments to seriously implement the central and provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the deployment requirements, to further promote clean government and anti-corruption struggle, continue to increase discipline and supervision, seriously dealt with a number of the masses around the "four winds" and corruption, resolutely correct damage the interests of the masses of unwholesome tendencies. To effectively curb the momentum of the spread of corruption at the grassroots level. Now the investigation of 7 cases of damage to the interests of the masses to be notified. Xi Bao Zhen Huangzhong county 1
the 3 township of Huangyuan county and the original village Party branch secretary Shi Kelin violations of financial discipline case. On September 2011, Collins served during the history of the village branch secretary, in violation of financial discipline, the village health Gaisi grants 50 thousand and 800 yuan, into a personal account; in 2013 from the collective land compensation into personal accounts 9813 yuan. By June 3, 2015, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee meeting, decided to give the history of kollen expelled from the party discipline funds all over.