why did you choose this path? Do you know where you’re going to be? This is a lot of people want to ask those successful people. College students start to become a craze, so how should they do it? Entrepreneurial details sometimes need to be simplified.

some of the classic entrepreneurial story seemed to be that master, the road of entrepreneurship opportunity. The first Alibaba include Ma Yun venture of money, but in a statement I intend to venture capital after the twinkling of an eye. Bill · Gates sold his first programming product at the age of 17, and embarked on a career path. Classic social pooling "facebook" include Mark · Zuckerberg was just in the campus network made a score for girls ".

Beijing creation angle Technology Co. Ltd include college students, Yuan Jingrui said: "Shao Qie with high enthusiasm but can’t touch some high-tech projects all reflect our generation of college students in the beginning mentality. But at the beginning, the exact money is a problem, especially the industrial high-tech industry funds more difficult to integrate, catering and gem into heritage of fighting strength is low. Like open shop, just need to purchase funds, the overview of a few million will be able to."