In October 20th, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, for the promotion of innovation and development, the social relief work the day before, the provincial Civil Affairs Department issued "on the full establishment of social assistance, an acceptance, collaboration for the working mechanism of the notice" in our province, and comprehensively promote the social assistance of an acceptance, collaboration for working mechanism construction. It is understood that the "notice" stressed that around to rely on established government leaders, civil affairs departments, led by social forces to participate in social assistance coordination mechanism, strengthen coordination and cooperation with relevant departments; to actively improve the relief object active discovery mechanism, timely understand the difficulties of the demands of the masses; the timely development of social assistance "door acceptance, collaboration for accountability and apply the results of feedback tracking system, a sound emergency help Shouwenfuze system, improve inter departmental office, transfer procedures, clear responsibility and strong belong to apply the results of feedback, tracking, to ensure the reasonable demands of the masses is difficult to be resolved in a timely manner. The "notice" requirements of local civil affairs departments to fully play a leading coordinating role for Party committees at all levels of government support, relying on the township (street) government hall, business hall, promptly set up unified assistance to apply for the admissibility of the window, the establishment of social assistance standard application processing, office, transfer to flow and apply the results of feedback way, unified social norms the window rescue service standards, to ensure that at the end of December before the completion of the province’s rural social assistance service window set to create a comprehensive work, poor people help door recipients Easy Access timely. "".