no matter in which city, each entrepreneur in join the premise of food and beverage stores are considering how to rectify, how to decorate, decorate is important, so you will go through those aspects to start? The following small series to introduce you to open a restaurant franchise how to decorate?

A, on the choice of lamps

in life of workers, restaurant use mainly in the dinner, lamplight is the lead that builds atmosphere. The restaurant should adopt the incandescent lamp with low color temperature, white light bulb or frosted bulb, diffuse light, no glare, with natural light, more friendly and gentle. The fluorescent lamp high color temperature, light, color, the face looks pale and blue colors are different, the food. Lighting can also be used in hybrid light, namely low color temperature and high color temperature lamp lamp combination, the effect of mixed lighting is very close to the sun, and the light source is not monotonous, you can choose.

On the choice of restaurant lighting

Select the

three, on the choice of