"with this platform, you can always see the annual income sources and poor households, the causes of poverty and supporting policies, can also see the industry department and the" first secretary "and combined with the process of helping plan the impoverished village status." See the precise poverty information platform emerging "accurate information", Haiyan County Poverty Alleviation Office Director Su Zizhen said in praise of more than to learn to learn the valuable experience of learning into practical action of the expedition.

4 14, provincial poverty alleviation Bureau of the province’s state poverty county system nearly 100 comrades in our province Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Gansu Yongjing County Chen Jia Wan Village town and three Xian Xiang Qing village and study of poverty alleviation precise construction and management of large data information. In the precise poverty big data information management center platform, the specific measures of members of the delegation of field study two big data and information platform construction in the work, and this work problems and difficulties in practice and experience, and local staff conducted in-depth exchanges and discussion.

"such as the three party random click Xigou Township Village, poor households XXX, the platform immediately shows that the causes of poverty is the lack of technology, the average annual income is 2290 yuan, including poverty alleviation measures: to carry out training, strive for the reward of housing, the implementation of low relief and other information are all displayed." In Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County poverty alleviation precise headquarters office, members of the group to watch the big data management process and operation situation, and random queries a few poor households management information, see the situation of poor households in the basic information, log, accurate and precise helping project results in liquid crystal display ritsa.

It is reported that

, the precise poverty big data platform construction is to implement precise poverty alleviation precise a specific initiatives to reduce poverty, through this work can make precise poverty more targeted and effective, to better grasp the new factors and new changes in the economic development in poverty-stricken areas, new situations and new problems of production and living in poverty. Grasp the basic information of the poor. At the same time, we can fully grasp the current stage of poverty alleviation work to the village, the project to households, investment to people, to achieve scientific identification of the poor, the implementation of dynamic management.