this year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County to improve environmental quality as the goal, the main pollutant emission reduction as the main line, strict construction project environmental approval, deepen the key areas, key industries pollution control, crack down on environmental violations, environmental quality improved significantly.

statistics show that this year, the comprehensive pollution index of air environment in Datong area was 2.75 lower than in 2011 0.37, the air quality level belongs to better level; each monitoring section of surface water with the corresponding water environmental function zoning section standard rate for the first time reached 100%, compared to last year increased by 20%; centralized source of drinking water water quality meet the limit "the value of groundwater environmental quality standards" GB/T14848-93 class standard, comprehensive evaluation of the water quality is good, the surface water meets the "surface water environmental quality standard" (GB3838-2002) limit class standard, meet the centralized drinking water sources in accordance with the relevant requirements of the standard, the water quality is good. (author: Su Jianping Quan Guozhi)