July 14th, deputy director of the provincial capital Shi Po Street Community Neighborhood Committee Li Cungui issued an invitation to the kids: in order to enrich the teenagers summer activities, door street committee will jointly relevant departments, organized youth summer activities door street area. Let the children make full use of the summer into the community, family, exercise capacity.

activity: "resource saving, waste collection and works of" Youth Calligraphy, Handmade exhibition.

process: 1 to understand the significance of garbage classification, improve the consciousness of protect the environment; 2 students imagination, all kinds of waste materials into various handicrafts; 3 through production, to cultivate students’ innovation consciousness.

two activities: review the history and look to the future.

activity content: invite the old party members in the area, the old Red Army to tell their own experience for the young people, so that young people in the future study and life to carry forward the spirit of revolutionary tradition.

three: "I grow up, I’m happy fun games.

activities aim: to cultivate the children’s team spirit, in the game full of happiness. The four activities: "clean homes, strive to environmental protection guards activities.

content: 1 organization teenagers and college student volunteers to carry out health education and health knowledge propaganda in the area residents in the area; the 2 hospital building, and community health, high streets and back lanes remediation clean.

children can go to their own community registration. Stone slope street community advisory Tel: 8231460 former Camp Street Community Advisory Tel: 8230677