Qinghai news network to sell cosmetics in the name of the "pull the head" way to pay illegal pyramid schemes in Xining resurgence. March 5th, Xining industrial and commercial personnel and police joint attack, banned a pyramid scheme.

on the same day, according to reports from the clues, even bargain, Industrial and Commercial Bureau West Branch of Xining city in the West Main Street business by law enforcement officers and the Yellow River Road police station joint attack, to hide in the West District No. 4 Xinhua Lane Building 4 Room 601 units, by the Anhui membership staff Zhao engaged in illegal pyramid selling places in a responsible, will be dealt with according to law ban.

it is understood that this MLM Gang is based on the network marketing of Shanghai Xu rattan trading company products "Manchester rain" series of cosmetics on the grounds, to pay 2900 yuan for the entry conditions, engaged in illegal activities in order to "pull the head" team payment mode. A total of 13 illegal pyramid schemes, the majority of foreign nationals in Anhui and Henan. Zhao, who is responsible for other personnel designated by the line on the temporary staff responsible for the room, not the organizers. Zhao said he was responsible for the line designated "leaders" have already left Xining, disappear without a trace. Industrial and commercial law enforcement officers immediately banned the illegal pyramid schemes, and to persuade people involved in mlm. Until around 11 p.m., after they said no longer engaged in illegal pyramid selling activities, be dismissed.

industrial and commercial law enforcement officers to remind the masses, improve the awareness and vigilance of illegal pyramid schemes, and consciously resist and away from pyramid schemes, so as not to be deceived. (author: Jia Zhongying)