after intense preparation, the province’s first show to show the regional social and economic development of a comprehensive TV column, today central will be officially launched on January 1, 2013.

"today" column is mainly located in the central area of the city, for the city, to show the central style, delivery of voice people, promote the two new construction, build a Harmonious Central "as the goal. Section adhere to the people living close to close to the city area, close to the characteristics of news facts "three close to" principle, to set up all kinds of news based "central broadcast" and the theme report frame "into the central" two sector. Purpose is for television, Internet and other modern means of communication, to provide a comprehensive display of political, economic, cultural, trade and other social undertakings project window for the city area, to allow more people to understand, to pay attention to the development and construction of the city area, further all ethnic groups unite all circles of power, jointly promote regional economic and social good and fast the development of. (author: Sheng Nan)