In August 8th, Xining city water company customer service center was formally established, the establishment of the center will break the residential areas, hotels, office buildings and other poor drainage unattended situation, people only need a phone will get professional service team and drainage company.

and measures for the full implementation of city planning and construction management of fine service, Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive management committee was established, around the city, service to the public, especially in city drainage and improve the level of service, change the style, improve the system. The establishment of the city drainage company customer service center is bound to further enhance the drainage company’s fine management level.

It is reported that

, the city water company customer service center is dedicated to my city drainage facilities, drainage permit inspection, inspection and design, all kinds of outdoor drainage pipeline construction, dredging, cleaning, maintenance and septic tank cleaning, pumping and other services. The service center will be extended from the municipal drainage pipe network to all enterprises and institutions, factories, residential areas, hotels, office buildings, etc., the formation of Xining as the center, the surrounding areas of radiation service system. And "unlimited access to the customer’s home" for the purpose, to solve the problem caused by the drainage of customers because of the trouble, but also the customer a clean, comfortable working and living environment. (author: Tang Rong)