November 28th, the winter of Huangzhong has long been shrouded in cold weather, not far from the roadside, faintly visible mountain spread, enjoy running away. The mountain is not high, dense vegetation, occasionally shaking tiny spots trees, forming a landscape. In winter, in the clouds of the sun, everything is like a beautiful painting.

, I heard that our Kumbum Monastery and Qinghai Lake, as the national 5A class tourist attractions." Early in the morning, the streets and lanes of Huangzhong county have discussed this topic. "Great beauty Qinghai" tourism brand effect can be improved, which is not only the pride of Huangzhong, but also the pride of every Qinghai people.

driver Yang proud

ten years ago, Yang is a bus driver, a day behind the wheel back and forth in Xining to Huangzhong on the road. "At that time, I think that tourism is the ‘wave’ chant, it will, the wave of Kumbum Monastery people do not have so much now, I want to open the car is good, the guests safe to." Ten years later, Yang retired, Qinghai’s tourism industry from a simple "wave" in tourism, catering, accommodation, shopping, leisure, transportation as one of the tourism industry system. Huangzhong county also relies on the unique ethnic folk cultural resources, vigorously develop the cultural tourism industry, a place in the tourism market in Qinghai.

"in recent years, the development of Huangzhong county tourism rapidly, more and more people travel to Kumbum Monastery, I was restless, and dry from the old bank, bought a car to run tourism. Today, Kumbum Monastery has become a national 5A scenic spots, next year I have to give a good friend to the field publicity." Yang words reveal an indescribable pride.

commentator Zhang confidence

Zhang is a veteran of the Kumbum Monastery tourist attractions, for 5A road Zhang full of confidence. Do not say, and now visitors have not come to Qinghai, you can understand the official website through the scenic Kumbum Monastery. Today, the establishment of 5A scenic spot is a new starting point for Huangzhong tourism, a higher start."

"a few years ago, tourists to Kumbum Monastery is not a lot of. There are visitors, I went to explain, to the off-season, find a job to do, the clerk became an amateur career. This year, the instructors getting strong, all the year round Kumbum Monastery tourism, summer commentary summer, winter winter to introduce." Zhang said he sang a small tour of the songs. "The family said," I’m getting overseas." Zhang confident.

to further enhance the quality of tourism scenic spots of Kumbum Monastery, the growth of the cultural tourism industry, the county this year, Huangzhong county invested more than 8500 yuan, completed the main road, Kumbum Monastery scenic area sewage pipe network transformation, tourist service center, Lotus Lake viewing platform and tourism infrastructure projects; investment 180 million yuan for the expansion and construction of suyouhua Museum. The Tibetan culture and creative industry park project phase two Auditorium Building and outdoor camp plateau.