Uncle aunt, please take a piece of information…… Sister, brother please take care of our city……" In September 2nd, Datong Street Primary School Students in Xining city streets, side to the public dissemination of civilized city publicity, while using the kind words to tell the public, in order to win the national civilized city we work together.

the same day, Datong Street primary school grade five or six students braved the hot sun, standing on the street to passers-by distributed leaflets. They each see a passer-by will take the initiative forward, with both hands of the school printed "big hand little hand to build a civilization city — to the public a letter", and said with a smile, "living in Xining, we are a member of Xining people’s happiness; to create a civilized city, every one of us Xining people’s responsibility."

although, they are just a group of primary school students, but the love of hometown is not inferior. One of the sixth grade students told reporters: "the construction of a beautiful environment, civilized and harmonious Xining city is our common aspiration, we must start from the minor matter, starts from the side, each of our efforts to make Xining further from civilization." These hopeful children called on all citizens to join hands to respond positively to the call of the Xining municipal government, with enthusiasm, practical action, to build Xining into a national civilized city to contribute their wisdom and strength!

at present, Xining is striving for "national civilized city", which is the municipal Party committee and government to make a better way to make our living environment a better decision. Mr Li said: "as a member of Xining City, we should actively respond to, and with the greatest enthusiasm to the civilization construction of the cause of Xining, Xining this is our responsibility as is our mission."