"this mooncake is nice and delicious. Sell it to me!" In September 14th, Xining Township interest farming culture ecological park, organized by the city district government, Chengbei District Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism of Qinghai folk traditional culture on traditional delicacy moon cake, moon cake moon cake festival in rural villagers making excellent flavor and taste, tourists eager to buy.

it is understood that the rich mid autumn festival activities, North District government, North District Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism organized a "mid autumn feast": invite people into the township interest stage large-scale theatrical performances, the country Handmade traditional moon cake and special snack exhibition, photography exhibition, martial arts, paper cutting, embroidery exhibition, Flower Concert also, open-air cinema and bonfire party, let tourists with interest, linger. Qinghai folk traditional moon cake and Exhibition for farm use Handmade, Monascus, fenugreek and other edible pigment, moon cake surface and manually made the "flower", the big steamer a large opening Steamed Buns unique blooming moon cake festival.

reporter learned that the set of recognized species of adoption, planting area, picking area, acres of ornamental flowers, science and technology achievements exhibition area, the farmers performing arts training area, leisure tourism, rural culture exhibition area, dining area, self driving camp in more than and 10 functional areas in one of the Xining Township interest farming culture ecological park planning and construction is perfect, break a distinctive path of development of rural tourism in Qinghai. Since this year, attracted to Xining Township interest farming culture ecological park of domestic and foreign tourists continue to grow, the tourist season every day tourists reached thousands of people, including from the United States, South Korea, many foreign and foreign tourists. North of the city’s rural fun moon cake festival, so that tourists from both inside and outside the province ahead of a Qinghai with a special flavor of the mid autumn festival. (author: Wen Ling)