days ago, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the Xining Municipal Agriculture Bureau jointly issued the "emergency circular" on the strengthening of the straw Jinshao work, any units and individuals are prohibited to burn straw in the administrative area of the city, on the part of the region will focus on monitoring the implementation of satellite remote sensing.

September 9th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau responsible person, in order to prevent the phenomenon of straw burning rebound, the environmental protection department on the part of the implementation of regional satellite remote sensing monitoring point, 5 km of main monitoring area of Xining city county, three counties around 5 km range; Xining airport; Qinghai Tibet railway, Nanjing highway, 109 State Road, Xiping Expressway West, Huang highway, west highway, highway, Ning Ning Expressway two km Xining segment each other on both sides; other key areas and the scope of the provisions of laws and regulations. Satellite remote sensing monitoring the focus of the regional, city and county (District) environmental protection department of the inspection, strengthen the law enforcement, the burning of straw will be strict penalties. Causing serious consequences of air pollution, fire accidents, resulting in significant loss of property or personal injury, will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. At the same time, the environmental behavior of burning straw pollution, any unit and individual can actively report. Tel: 12369123456311110 6145349 6143915