What’s the panorama of Xining? In addition to the map and sand table, the future can also be used in digital planning management platform in the computer to see three-dimensional, three-dimensional Xining. August 7th, the reporter learned that, after the investment of 4 million yuan, Xining digital planning management platform has been initially completed, began trial run. Xining digital planning management platform is divided into three phases, the administrative documents, project approval, the digital city of three parts. After the completion of the platform will be on the city planning and construction and construction of various types of dynamic information at any time to monitor and collect, for the preparation of planning, implementation planning, illegal acts to provide fast service. Xining city has commissioned a professional company in Beijing city to carry out 3D virtual simulation system of production work, and complete the construction of the Xining Railway Station square, city digital information platform area north of the central square, sunning Plaza, founding business district etc.. In the future, through this virtual reality aided decision information system, only a few minutes, you can visit the panoramic view of Xining and the streets. At present, the fine management of digital planning platform has been completed, the end of the year will start two.