recently, the Ministry of Public Security issued by the Ministry of public security to reward the public security organs to report police vehicles and vehicles involved in violation of the rules, clear 9 types of violations of the police car, citizens can get paid reports. May 7th, the provincial capital of the police issued four off a thorough investigation of illegal police cars.


approach defined on the following violations of citizens to report, after verification is true, as the case may be a certain amount of reward: police public security organs, the police are smuggling, robbery, illegal detention, borrowing units or private, should be scrapped, spell outfit (Group) do not meet national safety standards; misappropriation, apply, use of forged or altered car license plate, license plate; lend police; police not lawfully registered or incomplete; without spraying police appearance standard, or the installation of police sirens, indicator lamps; drunk driving, or without obtaining a driving license, during motor vehicle driving license is revoked or temporarily driving the police; non emergency official driving the police car speeding, do not obey the traffic signs, do not obey the traffic police management The siren, abuse and other traffic violations; driving the police car, wedding, funeral and illegal participation for social vehicle road; the illegal production and sale of car license plate and other special signs, or the use of police vehicles and special signs, posing as police trickster. Vehicles involved in the case, illegal detention, seizure, misappropriation, not in accordance with the provisions of the proper custody of the vehicle involved in violation of legal procedures and requirements of the disposal of the vehicle involved.

"measures" provisions, reward is limited in principle real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing violations, clues anonymous report, to determine the true identity of informants in the investigation after the treatment, at the discretion of reward, the maximum amount of 500 yuan. A citizen may by telephone, mail and other means (010 – 66262212; Tel: Fax: 010 – 66262277; communication address: Beijing City, Dongcheng District Chang’an Avenue No. 14 east ministry of Public Security Bureau police inspector special management office, post encoding: 100741) to report the public security organs and the police vehicle violations to the Ministry of public security.

Xining city public security organs and police vehicles involved violations of special management leadership team, request the public security organs to intensify the rectification of outstanding issues, so the vehicle registration is not clear, not the source of the vehicle whereabouts unknown miss, seizure and disposal of vehicles involved not clear why miss, the use of license plate is not clear off, to ensure that the city’s public security the police authorities and the vehicle involved special treatment work. Special management leadership team to set a police vehicle license plate registration list, the public security organs involved in the vehicle registration list and the registration form, the hand drawn composed of two special inspection teams to check the basic units by car. In the registration process, the police vehicles and vehicles involved in the classification of violations, and submit a report to the higher level, the next step to study the solution.