lion 1-2 well tested 912 square meters of crude oil, natural gas, oil and gas equivalent to more than 1000 tons daily output of more than 110 thousand tons……" In April 13th, Qinghai drilling company manager Mu Huiliang talked about a few days ago in the Spanish hit high-yield wells area of Qinghai oilfield is still excited to conceal his face.

"in Qinghai Qaidam Basin Tectonic salt drilling es lion 1-2 wells, drilling formation pressure has work grams, drilling fluid density, the high and low pressure interbed and many other industry problems, overcome various problems under complicated geological conditions, a major breakthrough in power es between salt fractured oil and gas reservoir exploration." Mu Huiliang said.

lion 1-2 wells is located in the Qaidam area Ying Xi Shi 20 well area, the original design of wells wells 2631 meters deep, after three times of design change, and ultimately determine the design well depth is 3500 meters, achieved in October 26, 2015 opened.


region is the focus of this year’s Qinghai Oilfield Company exploration block, the block of deep buried depth, fractured oil and gas pressure, many faults, pores, cracks, high yield, well leakage, high and low voltage alternating layers of lead to the "narrow pressure window", there is always "leaky spray transformation", is the well drilling process must overcome the problem.

talked about the difficulties encountered in drilling, drilling team Changbai Qingjiang said with emotion: "many endanger mine safety complicated accompanied, in late November to early December in just a week, appeared two wells during high and low leakage, interbed and other complex emerging, it is impossible to guard against."

face the problem, Qinghai drilling drilling plan ahead will es security as a priority among priorities, from the company’s safety, engineering technology, drilling fluid technology, supervision and other departments to deploy HSE technology backbone, consisting of an Shizigou drilling project group, from "a well a policy refinement to a" policy ", divided into wells a set of technical measures and well control technology. In the organization of production, is to achieve the production by the former command, the scene to solve the key process, marking at work, the drilling team construction to eat "reassurance". The crew also has overcome the problem of complex geological conditions, well structure is difficult to determine. Successfully solve and avoid the risk of leakage, drilling, well control, etc..

with the deepening of drilling, the oil and gas show is also increasingly active. In April 2nd, drilling to 3004 meters of DST, April 5th blowout test oil, oil and gas more than Nissan won high yield wells 1000 tons, which is rare in recent years Chinese oil producing well.