Bank of Qinghai small enterprise credit center since May listing operation, to open up new markets, develop excellent customer groups, for small businesses, mortgage guarantees and other difficult problems, combined with the operating characteristics of small enterprises "urgent and frequent, less complex, giving priority to the development of small business financial services, have launched a cement bill of lading and mining rights pledge, pledge of warehouse receipts in a more flexible way of credit products, opened a variety of financing channels for small enterprises.
based on the investigation of the necessary procedures to meet the loan, the Bank of Qinghai small enterprise credit center to increase the investigation and inspection site for small businesses, multi-faceted enterprise to collect non financial information and soft information, detailed grasp of all kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises live, live data, efforts to simplify loan procedures, reduce approval procedures, shorten the the time of examination and approval, a full range to meet the demand for loans for smes. At the same time, strengthen cooperation with various intermediaries to solve the problem of small and medium enterprises guarantee for the loan companies to reduce security costs, reduce security and approval procedures. Reporters learned from the Bank of Qinghai in July 13th, as of June 30th, the balance of small business credit center reached 388 million 860 thousand yuan, an increase of $182 million 900 thousand over the beginning. Among them, the new issue of small business loans 67 pen, the amount of $141 million 450 thousand, the new issue of human loans 167 pen, the amount of $66 million 190 thousand to achieve loan interest income of 9 million 310 thousand yuan.