in recent years, Datong County to strengthen agricultural science and technology innovation and promotion, and strive to improve the level of science and technology service capabilities, and vigorously develop the facilities of agriculture, the development of special species breeding industry, to achieve sustainable and stable development of agriculture.

vegetable industry development and growth. 2012 county vegetable area of 110 thousand acres, the total output value of vegetable production is expected to be $230 million, vegetable output value of 120 million yuan. Has formed a new pair of highway, railway, west along the Ning Dong Xia River 3 vegetable industrial zone. Chase cucumber, Agaricus bisporus and other 8 kinds of characteristics and advantages of vegetables has been certified as green products by the Ministry of agriculture. The famous vegetables, such as Datong chicken, red onion, and so on, expand the planting area and increase the output.

full film potato promotion results. in 20 counties across the country to promote the cultivation of the whole film potato acres, with an average increase of 403.6 kg of grain production, and the commodity rate increased by more than 30%, can be a new increase of 2018 kg, the total output value of 16 million 144 thousand yuan.

livestock scale, standardized level increased significantly. county to establish large-scale livestock breeding area (scale field) 53, to achieve the provincial standards identified by the national standardization demonstration farms identified by the 2 of the 36.

Actively promote the thoroughbred field to

. vigorously promote scientific and technological contract system, agricultural science and technology personnel to actively participate in the work contract, the scientific field management, timely sowing, fertilization, pest prevention and control measures such as comprehensive production has been widely used, crop production and standardization promotion, to reduce cost and increase benefit agriculture.

rural energy efficiency significantly. in recent years, the implementation of the rural environment contiguous remediation demonstration project in Datong County, through the construction of "a pool of three" biogas digester, promote the traditional agricultural production mode to the "culture – biogas – planting" three-in-one ecological agriculture pattern. Up to now, the number of household biogas in rural areas reached 24292, according to each biogas digesters can achieve economic benefits of $2250 per year, nearly 54 million 657 thousand yuan of economic benefits can be achieved. At the same time, improve the environmental situation in rural areas, reduce the spread of the disease, make full use of biogas slurry and biogas residue as organic fertilizer and pesticide, to provide high-quality green agricultural products.

facilities to achieve effective agricultural construction. key to build anti low temperature, anti storm, snow, rain and winter greenhouse in winter season fine vegetable production 1000, accelerate the popularization and application of modern mechanical demonstration, promote modern agricultural infrastructure construction. In 2012, the greenhouse temperature of cotton by demonstration and application of 70 thousand square meters, 220 thousand square meters of new agricultural demonstration application, demonstration and application of automatic control system of 2 sets. (Ma Lanhua);