Since the founding of the

national unity and progress in the creation of advanced areas, the West District of the interests of the masses of the masses of the minority in the heart, and strive to do practical things for the minority people, do good things. Recently, the west area of free area for the religious activities of 35 temples and members of the staff management examination, is currently working as director of the Temple Management Committee for social insurance matters.

starting from the fine point, from the start. This year the West has invested more than 100 yuan, in order to create an advanced national unity and progress as an opportunity to do practical things for ethnic minorities. The implementation of Yushu New District external wall energy saving renovation of more than 100 meters outside the wall, community security is guaranteed. Yushu built a national home district, tiger Taiwan mosque office, East Traffic Lane Community Construction embroidery exhibition room of a few people, the intentions of service. From the perspective of religious minorities and the vital interests of the masses, demolition in the city to protect the rights and interests of the masses of believers to maintain the monastery, and actively with the city planning and construction departments coordination, effectively solve the complex construction site without planning and land use permits and other issues, completed the tiger Taiwan, Peng Zhai, Liu Zhai 3 minarets and in pengjiavillage Catholic church built and Han village mosque site. Actively help the area of the Muslim Temple coordination of gas heating problems, improve the Temple office environment. At present, the tiger Taiwan mosque, Hing Road mosque has been connected to natural gas. Since the creation of the west district is still in the jurisdiction of the 5 farmers market set up a national service station, to broaden the channels of minority rights. The establishment of activities to create a coordination mechanism and coordination of the establishment of the hospital outpatient medicine Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University, and carry out help from medical activities, standardized national language marking signs, providing guiding service for Tibetan, Sala etc..