visit condolences to the affected households, sent condolences to Kim

In August 12th

2012 10:00 noon, municipal committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang, accompanied by the county committee, deputy magistrate Li Shiying, led the county water and civil affairs departments responsible comrades, once again came to the treasure house of migrant workers affected temporary settlements, Xiang Ning Zhang highway construction, k76 km repair treasure Xiang Si Tang Cun visit condolences to the affected people and fighting in the rescue line of cadres and workers.

Yan Shujiang party first came to the treasure house of middle school, visit here in eighteen in temporary resettlement administration dispatched workers, expressed condolences to the victims of three, sent 5000 yuan per person for condolences, sympathy to the victims and families of rehabilitation and entrust company. Yan Shujiang is very concerned about the life of migrant workers in the resettlement, to the township government, the school and the village with good workers resettlement, require county health department to further improve the epidemic prevention work, civil affairs departments and township government arrangements for accommodation, food and other services.

in k76+600 meters Ning Zhang highway road construction site, Yan Shujiang field view of the culvert repair situation, condolences to their continuous fighting positions on duty cadres and construction personnel, for their work.

Yan Shujiang line into the village, visit condolences to relatives and friends of the victims live in Li Fude, Wang Shengming, and sent condolences to Kim, the expression of the party and the government’s care and warmth, told the township party committee and government to guarantee good service work, seize the favorable opportunity to do disaster rescue, resettlement and reconstruction work.

went to the township government of CRFG migrant settlements on the way, Xining taxi love team rushed to the village temple treasure to send mineral water, instant noodles and donated bedding, Yan Shujiang on behalf of the county government to thank people who love, praise this act not only brought the necessaries of life for the affected people, the transmission of social love disaster and confidence.

is a difficult one, help comes from all quarters. China Railway Bureau and the eighteen bureau to see the resettlement of migrant workers to take care of so thoughtful, to the county government expressed heartfelt thanks.

Yan Shujiang asked the relevant township to continue to do the disaster rescue work, warning the recent weather and rainfall forecast, flood troubleshooting, seize the favorable opportunity to repair roads and power communication facilities, recovery of mass production and living order as soon as possible, try to reduce the loss of property. (Li Yushan)  

to Nanjing highway k76+600 km view;